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Jeffrey Holdaway is an Auckland based artist and audio engineer who has worked with sound and moving image for over twenty five years. His work includes location recording, live event audio, producing, mixing and sound design for documentary, feature, short film, music production and theatre. He has directed music video, dance films, made audio works for streaming, CD and vinyl, and designed sculptural sound installation for several leading NZ artists. He has also lectured in audio recording & design for moving image and theatre at AUT and Unitec and facilitated student projects as a technician at the Elam School of Fine Arts and the School of Music, University of Auckland. Jeffrey is based in Auckland, New Zealand and has a Masters in Sound Recording and Design and a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts.


Audio Producer and Sound Designer: Soundtrack production, music & sound design.

Live Sound Engineer: Primarily contracted for Auckland Live on a huge number of events ranging from theatre production & concerts to conferences & conventions since 2007, but also contracted freelance for special events and touring.

Sound Recording Engineer: Location and studio sound on a huge range of NZ film productions.

Digital Art Technician: Content creation and assistance for fine art installation.

Graphic Artist: InDesign layout creation, photography and watercolour for visual art publications.

Sound Design Tutor: Within various tertiary programmes.


After a childhood spent painting and drawing Jeffrey found himself studying at AUT’s Visual Arts course, experimenting inside a room full of 1950’s cinema equipment. During his four years making 16mm films he became fascinated with the craft of creating sound design and soundtrack, eventually hiring studios outside the school to create ever more complex work. Upon leaving art school he began building his own studio, creating the experimental pop band “Dr Peril”, making music videos, and working inside Elam’s Intermedia Department. Jeffrey went on to study sound at MAINZ and The University of Auckland before embarking on a career as a sound engineer in the film industry as a recordist, and in the events industry as a live sound mixer. Today he is known for his work on arts projects, producing sound and graphic design, teaching sound design, and working with watercolour imagery.

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