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Dr Peril - Only Head
Dr Peril titles - white
Dr Peril

The 1990’s was an awkward time on the cusp of a new era. While New Zealand was crawling out of a recession, with high unemployment and cities of empty office spaces inhabited by unfunded artists, the digital era dawned, The internet bloomed and making art using digital technology suddenly became affordable.


Armed with a 486 computer, a four track tape machine, some film theory and a hazy idea of the DIY punk ethic the Holdaway brothers marched into this new world bringing with them an eclectic group of ex art and performance students - they were all Dr Peril.

Madwomen and sinister ringmasters adorned the band’s circus world complete with sideshows, dark angels and promises of magic tricks. The vicious sounds of digital codes were massaged and sampled into new tones harmonised with analogue synths, looped through reels of 1/4 inch tape, backing roaring female singers musing on themes of loneliness and broken regrets.


Over ten years between 1996 and 2006 the Art Avant-Pop group Dr Peril experimented with a series of recordings and live shows ranging from punk influenced lo fi, through to smooth alternative pop rock. Drawing inspiration from film soundtrack, Dr Peril blends film references and effects through a series of old analogue recording technology mixed and mangled with the emerging digital technology of the 90's.

Vocals and Lyrics, Chrissy Diamond (Broken & Hazel Ave) Joyoti Wylie (So Sweet So Cold & Only Head), additional vocals by Allan Holdaway, production by J Holdaway.

Val Smith on stage with Dr Peril at the Black Lagoon late 1990's
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