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Women in Audio Pt.III

This post isn’t actually about the band HAIM, to learn more about a group of sisters making music in a very successful rock band check out this excellent podcast here.

“Despite all the women singers you can think of, less than 5% of the people working in the field of music production & recording arts are women—Women’s Audio Mission is changing that, one student at a time.”


This has long been an issue in the audio industry, so much so that several groups have formed arround the world to assist women in audio careers.

Women’s Audio Mission is an international organisation based in San Francisco that aims to assist anyone who is woman-identified (transgender or cisgender), non-binary, or gender non-conforming and wants to work with sound.

For a more local flavor check out Women in Sound based in New Zealand

Also you might want to check out the Music Producers Guild of NZ

Or the Audio Foundation (based just off K’Rd)

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