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Jeff Holdaway

Watercolour / Works On Paper

The practice of drawing and painting has always been important to my wider art practice, a way to process concepts that may be realised in designs within other mediums. Watercolour is something of a family tradition, my grandmother studied it at art school in Sheffield in the 1930's passing her love of the watercolour medium down to the next generations.

I love the luminosity of watercolour, light reflects off the paper, passing through the pigments, creating a glowing quality that is different from other painting mediums. It is also very mobile, almost like a camera, you can create large works in a studio, or pack it into a bag, creating smaller works anywhere out in the world. I also love its unpredictable nature, I enjoy the surprises the process generates. I make art to process ideas, the uncontrollable nature of watercolour's dendritic patterns and cascading grains of pigment is like a conversation, answering questions with further questions.

- Jeff Holdaway

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