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2020 is shaping up to be a year of significant events. It is already only three months into the year and the world finds itself sheltering from the effects of a dangerous virus, isolating ourselves with our families as we continue our work from home. For those of us who teach in classrooms it means a sudden transition to teaching online. Hold onto your hats! It will be quite a ride.

Its amazing time to be a student of screen arts, to become a filmmaker and artist – to learn the skills of telling stories through moving image and sound. Telling stories is important work. Art, filmmaking and audio can be a process of inquiry, a way for a society to ask questions of the world, processing these questions through telling stories, fiction and documentary. Stories can help to inform and make sense of the world or entertain and escape, giving an audience a moment to be someone else and forget the pressures of the world for a time.

For most of us, studying screen arts is a beginning to a process of inquiry, a practice of asking questions of the world, attempting to seek answers through moving image and sound.

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