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Protools Shortcuts

Note that you can enable ProTools shortcuts in other software, for example to enable them in Audition the instructions are here. Reaper instructions are here.

There is nothing better to speed up your editing, or impress your clients, like knowing shortcuts for all your most needed tasks. Protools contains hundreds of keyboard shortcuts, my favourite ones are here:

Command + D – Duplicates the selected region.

Command + E – Seperate or Split a block.

Command + H – heal a split.

Command + Shift + I – Import Audio.

Command + Shift + N – New track

Command + Option + Command – return all waveforms to normal size.

Command + down arrow – make tracks smaller.

Command + Option + up arrow – make all tracks bigger.

Command + Option + down arrow – make all  tracks smaller.

Command + M – Mute region.

Shift + m – Mute track / s

CMD+M mute clip / block

Shift + s – solo tracks

Shift + r – record mode

ctrl + shift (when in EQ window) solo selected eq band.

Enter (on number pad) Add Marker

Ctrl + alt + click Delete Marker

ctrl + command + alt (click on plugin knob) automate plugin.

New Feature: useful for finding the sync clap:

Imagine you have a sound file with dozens of whooshes. Each of them has five seconds of space in between. Jump from one whoosh to the next by pressing tab via the “tab to transient” function. You can turn tab to transient on and off by clicking an icon in the edit window header. Type command-option-tab to save reaching for the mouse every time.

  1. Switch to shuffle mode: option-1

  2. Switch to slip mode: option-2

  3. Switch to spot mode: option-3

  4. Switch to grid mode: option-4

  5. Cycle through modes: escape key

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