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Using the Radio Mics – Best Practice

I know its tempting to quickly grab a set of mic packs, throw it onto an actor, plug it into your mixer and hope for the best, but a little forethought and taking the time at the start of each day to set up the mics properly will avoid many potential hassles during filming.

Our sennheiser mic packs come from the factory in 6 different frequency ranges. Three of these ranges have been out of use in New Zealand since 2015 when the frequency bands were reallocated by the NZ government.

Typical modern packs will be in Range B or A.

First- Do a factory reset! You don’t know what wild settings the last user dialed into this thing.

Then scan for clean frequencies. Most areas in NZ will be fairly free of other users on the radio channels – but if you are downtown (especially near the big venues, who may be using up to 50 mics of their own) you may find that clear channels are hard to come by.

Pair your mic transmitter and reciever. Its easy using the IR link.

The next step is to set your mic sensitivity (the default is -30dB) you might want to turn this up if your actor is speaking quietly, or down if they are shouting.

Now you should be good to go!

Some other settings to think about:

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